About us

ESB is a company based on Estonian capital, which designs and manufactures low voltage systems. The company was founded in 2012 by consolidating the competencies of people, who have been engaged in this area for a long time, with the aim of combining the experience of a large and the flexibility of a small company.

The company history has given us a lot of valuable experience in understanding the wishes of our customers and developments of the electricity market.

Our company has ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certificates, which are a reliable confirmation to the customer, that we have implemented all the necessary quality assurance measures to ensure the commitments we make.

ESB’s main export markets are:

  • Baltic countries
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Poland
  • Ukraine
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Offshore industry

Our strength is personal approach to customers and professionalism. To prepare projects, we use EPLAN Electric software, which ensures logical and correct documentation of projects in estonian, english and russian. We have the ability to make automation projects based on the customer’s source information.

We use components from recognized European manufacturers: ABB, Rittal, Phoenix Contact, Ensto and Roxtec. All equipment is manufactured in accordance with standards 61439-1 and 61439-2, which insure, that we can maintain the quality of both: services and products. In order to guarantee the production quality, our company has implemented the 5S system – “Sort! Set in order! Shine! Standardize! Sustain! ”. To achieve the best quality, we have all the equipment needed to manufacture low-voltage systems: bar bending and cutting machines, punches and CNC routers, and a host of smaller equipment.

We consistently ensure a safe working environment, create safe working conditions for the employees and a safe stay in our company for our guests and partners.

Our business goals focus on the following principles – the best quality product, an environmentally friendly and efficient production process and a safe working environment.

The aim of quality management is the maximum compliance with the technical requirements for products. When designing and assembling products, we keep in mind the current legal requirements and the wishes of our customers, while guaranteeing delivery in time. We are a reliable partner for our customers, and in order to maintain and improve our position, we ask our customers for regular feedback, to be flexible and even more efficient. We value long-term partnerships and communicate openly, honestly and clearly. Our production organization ensures the most optimal use of production capacities and the best price for the customer.

The responsibilities and operating rights of each employee must be sufficient to achieve the objectives set out in the quality, health, safety and environmental policies. Our employees are specialists in their field and have considerable work experience. We employ knowledgeable people and constantly train our workers to increase quality, environmental, energy efficiency and occupational health awareness. When developing the work environment, we do our best and do not forget to listen to the opinion of our employees. „You can always get better“ and we work on that principle every day.

We are constantly increasing the efficiency of our environmental activities. We ensure that the applicable national regulations binding the environment, occupational health and other areas, are complied. We are ready to introduce additional environmental protection measures in emergency situations. In order to prevent and reduce environmental risks, ESB keeps significant aspects of its operations under constant review by regularly assessing the environmental impacts of its operations.

We develop waste recovery opportunities, preferably implementing technologies, that pollute the environment minimally. We recycle as much production waste as possible. Waste that is not suitable for recovery, is sent to partners or waste management companies for recycling.

ESB is a modern, innovative company, where we pay a lot of attention to product development to offer new solutions. We consider customer satisfaction very important, not forgetting our employees.

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